What We Offer

We are IT company, Sale IT equipment, IT consultant, Network installation inside/outside building, Telephone system installation, CCTV installation, Software development, IT training, Website design and development, Domain and Hosting registration

We sales all IT equipment such as: Computer desktop, Computer notebook, Printer, Fax, Photocopier, Network equipment(Router, Switch, Media converter),Telephone PBX, Telephone set, , Radio HF/VHF, Satellite phone, IT accessories(card reader, Flash drive, Mouse, Keyboard).

We have done many network installation both small and big project, we provide LAN cabling, fiber optic cabling, telephone cabling, PBX configuration, Switch configuration,we have provide network installation for many organization such UN Agency, Banks, NGO, private sector and individual, our network team has more than 7 years experiences, our network team is Cisco Certified.

We provide IT training on many area starting from basic computer usage, learning how to use MS Office, Computer maintenance, Network installation, Software programming.

We develop a Website for many organization both NGO, Government sector, Private sector, UN projects, our website team has very great idea on providing the right theme for your organization.